Help A Good Cause With A Good Search

HANCOCK COUNTY (WLOX) -- A new search engine created by Yahoo is raising money for more than 40,000 charities and schools around the world, including many in South Mississippi.

Micky Evans is a founding member of the non-profit organization Friends Of The Waveland Animal Shelter. She says after being in the program for only a few months, her group received its first check from

"We're fairly new to Good Search, but we did get a check from them for $45. And at a penny a hit, that's 4500 hits that people have been using it. That $45 will pay to spay this little guy right here when she's old enough," Evans said.

Good Search donates a penny to a charity of your choice that's registered for the program. Some of the non-profits have received checks totaling nearly $5,000.

Terry Latham is Director of Hope Haven Homes, which helps abused and neglected children. He and others say the program will cut down on the work involved in fund raising efforts.

"I think the success of this program is dependent on the individual organizations that sign up. We are going to be sending to all of our supporters, 'Hey use this search when you want to do the search,' which would of course increase the amount we have coming in our direction," Latham said.

"In a post-Katrina climate down here, it's difficult to turn around and raise funds for any charitable organization."

He and others say it's a way to give, even when you can't afford to. Program leaders say more than a hundred charities register for the program every day. Just visit to learn more.