Meth Lab Explosion Leaves One Man In Critical Condition

Hancock County authorities say an illegal meth amphetamine lab caused an explosion early Monday morning.

The explosion occurred in a mobile home in the Standard Community in north Hancock County on Hilbert Deschamp Road.

Sheriff's officials says John Dubuisson was producing the crystal meth in a home drug lab when the chemicals used to make meth exploded. The explosion injured Dubuisson and was powerful enough to knock out air conditioners from windows and blow out some of the walls of the mobile home.

"What really concerns us is some of these people, they're out here fooling with dangerous chemicals, and they just really don't have a clue of what they're playing with," Hancock County Sheriff Steve Garber said. "Not only is the drug dangerous, it's also a danger when they're making these drugs."

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics removed a variety of chemicals from the mobile home. It's assisting the Hancock County Narcotics Task Force in the investigation.

John Dubuisson is in critical condition tonight at the University of South Alabama Burn Center in Mobile.