Supervisors Wait To Vote On Controversial Bike Track

A compromise is in the works that could allow a controversial dirt bike track to re-open in North Hancock County.

Supervisors were supposed to vote Monday on whether the motorcycle and four-wheel riders could again practice on the Firetower Motorcross track.

As we've reported for several weeks, some nearby residents object to the track because of the noise it generates. Over the weekend, County supervisors visited the site and some nearby homes.

Supervisors are now considering giving the okay to re-open if track owners make some changes like moving the track deeper into the woods on the 83 acre site and installing more sound buffers.

"First they've got to talk to the neighbors to see if the neighbors will be receptive to this. Some of the neighbors talk like they wouldn't have a problem if they move further away and try to rig up some barriers and stuff that would stop the sound from traveling toward their homes impeding their life styles," Board of Supervisors President Rocky Pullman said.

The noise is what's been in the news, but that's not the reason it was shut down back in March. County zoning officials ordered the track closed, because track owners didn't have the proper permits to operate.

Supervisors will wait for the track owners and neighbors to reach some agreement before the board votes.

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