Overstreet Comes Home To Help St. Jude

Paul Overstreet came home to host a golf tournament for St. Jude Children's Hospital . The country music singer didn't play in the event. He simply wore his cowboy hat and mingled with his invited guests.

"Have a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself," he told the players, just before they headed off to their assigned tee boxes. "And thank you for supporting St. Jude."

Overstreet said he was proud to be helping a hospital that works with children.

"I wouldn't care who's name was on it," he said. "As long as we're raising money for those kids. But if my name works, let's do it."

The Vancleave native asked some of Nashville's music stars to join him for the golf outing. People like country singer Chad Brock showed up. Brock's number one hit was a song titled, "Yes." He couldn't say no to Overstreet's invitation.

"My father and mother taught me you have to give back what is given to you," Brock said. "So I try to give as much as I can."

Country star Clay Walker is the same way. Until this tournament, he never met Paul Overstreet. So playing golf in Gautier near Overstreet's home was a real treat.

"I'm from Beaumont, Texas," Walker said. "It seems like we're all out of the same water. So I feel right at home here."

Overstreet said he agreed to be part of the golf tournament because of how important St. Jude is to children. His two-year-old event was expected to raise $10,000 for the Memphis hospital.

"To me, anytime we can do something for those kids, that's why I come down here and do that," Overstreet said.

K-99 radio helped Overstreet contact singers, and organize his golf classic.