Edgewater Estates' Residents Object Again To New Development

BILOXI (WLOX) -- When the Biloxi Planning Commission rejected plans for a development of businesses, homes, and townhouses across the street from his home in Edgewater Estates in February, Leo Burton thought the City Councils choice would be clear.

"What's the purpose of the planning commission if after rejecting the project twice, the council can just arbitrarily decide to put in place," says Burton.

But he fears that's what now may happen after a group of supporters of the project showed up unexpectedly at last weeks council meeting to speak out in favor of the project.

"I don't understand where anybody comes to the conclusion that there's support for the project by anyone living in the area," says Burton. "These property values will diminish. They're talking about 40 foot buildings directly behind me where your backyard won't be private any longer."

Resident Norman Fountain has one of those back yards.

"Our fence is where the proposed town homes will be built," says Fountain.

He says he wouldn't have bought his home after Hurricane Katrina had he know what was coming.

"I mean God forbid that I should come out in my pajamas onto my patio for morning coffee or something and have the folks on the next balcony waving at me."

Like other's, Fountain says he wouldn't be opposed to the development of single family homes here which is what it's currently zoned for. But he says the Bay Village concept is a bad fit, and he intends to let city leaders know it.

"We will be there in body and spirit and tongue if necessary," says Fountain.