K-Mart Stores In Pascagoula, D'Ibverville Close Doors For Good

K-Mart stores in Pascagoula and D'Iberville were among the 280 stores that had their last day of sales on Sunday. With the recent closings of several major industries in Jackson County, the last day at K-Mart added to the number of employees without jobs in the area.

Shoppers rolled out buggies loaded with last day sale items Sunday, while employees like Geraldine Wilson put in their last hours of work.

"It's not good to be without work, to have to know you're going to be drawing your unemployment a while," Wilson said.

Fellow employees like Lola Langham and Monica Sinkfield say they are going to enroll in school and start a new career. Between the two of them, they've worked for K-Mart for 40 years.

"I was a little afraid because after being here 23 years behind the same walls," Langham said. "I've got to find something else to do."

"This is ending; therefore I feel like God has something better for me, so I don't have any sad feelings about leaving," Sinkfield said.

K-Mart announced that stores like the one in Pascagoula would be closing when the company filed bankruptcy in March. Some employees say they are not getting the benefits they deserve.

"The people at corporate headquarters, they're getting severance pay, even though they filled bankruptcy. So, I feel we got slighted in that," Sinkfield said.

But most employees say their final day at K-Mart is about more than losing a job. It's like having to say good-bye to family.

By Myya Durden-Robinson