Supervisors Hear Noise From Bike Track First-Hand

Dirt bike riders haven't made many spectacular jumps at this Hancock County track since it closed earlier this year.

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors asked for a special demonstration so they could determine if what they'd heard about the noise level of the track from neighbors was true.

"In the public hearing, there where several accusations and different point of views," District 5 Supervisor Jay Cuevas said. "We wanted to come out and take a first hand look for ourselves."

The track closed because owners didn't have proper permits. Now they have the permits, but neighbors' complaints to supervisors about traffic and noise has kept the bike track empty.

"I'm not real sure if you would like to hear this noise all day if you were out in your yard. We're just trying to be fair about it just find everything out about it," District 3 Supervisor Lisa Cowand said. "We can see where we can come to a compromise if possible."

After visiting the track, supervisors visited nearby homes. Some neighbors told them they want the track gone.

"This is zoned agricultural and these people put this track in illegally without permits, and I think they ought to be moved to an industrial or commercial zone area," Katherine Heldt said.

But other residents told supervisors they'd be willing to be neighbors with the track as long as some stipulations are met.

"This is a good thing for the community. We're willing to compromise. I think the main complaint is the noise, and we're willing to put up whatever it takes to dampen the noise," track owner Mark Chrisman said.

Supervisors say they hope to reach a compromise that will turn the controversy into a win-win situation for everyone. Some of the compromises that Supervisors, track owners and neighbors talked about included shortening business hours and building additional sound barriers around the track.

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