Moss Point Officer Trial Still On The Minds Of Local Residents

The trial of a former Moss Point police officer charged with the death of Marcus Malone may be on hold for the weekend. But it's still on the minds of many Moss Point residents.

Court will resume again on Monday for the trial of former Moss Point reserve police officer Steven Strickler. He's one of three officers indicted for the death of Marcus Malone after he was found dead in a Moss Point jail cell in September of 1999.

Malone's death has been a hot topic among Moss Point residents for years. Now that Strickler is on trial, many say they are relieved.

"I think it is, especially for the family, that something is going to be done. Because it's been like everybody's been burdened down trying to figure out what happened or what went wrong," Moss Point resident April Coleman said.

Residents like Anthony Proctor have been following the case closely through the media all week long. Proctor says he's also glad to see it go to trial, but still has some concerns.

"I'm just concerned that all the truth in the trial and; therefore, the jury may not be able to make the best decision," Proctor said.

"There are still going to be a lot of questions like why it happened and why they didn't follow the procedures and everything. So there are still going to be a lot of questions asked even though it may get solved," Coleman said.

Some residents say the case has put the city of Moss Point and the police department in a negative light, but they are hoping for a positive outcome.

"Anything dealing with the reputation of the community is going to affect the community. Justice should be served, so I'm hoping that the trial will be fair," Melissa Brown said.

The case is expected to continue through Tuesday. Moss Point residents say they will continue to follow the case till the end.

By Myya Durden-Robinson