South Mississippians Protest Iraq War's 5th Anniversary

BILOXI (WLOX) -- They held up signs calling for peace and got a few signs of support in the process. South Mississippi United for Peace says the war in Iraq has lasted five years too many. The protestors are seeking peace through persistence.

"We need to persist because there is no other way," said Glen Sandberg with South Mississippi United for Peace.

"I grieve for the soldiers.  Now, they're coming back and telling us exactly what's really happening over there," protestor Wayne Parker said.

Parker is referring to a recent anti-war event held in Washington called Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan. Over a four day period, more than 200 veterans in the War on Terror shared eyewitness accounts of their experiences.  Parker says, regardless of what might have taken place, it's important to let servicemen and women know they are still revered by people back home.

"We need to find the veterans and reach out to them and let know we're not going to judge them for anything they might have done over there. We need to help our troops recover and we need to help the Iraqis recover," Parker said.

Regardless of where people stand on the war, group members say it's important that everyone work toward a resolution aimed at restoring peace at home and abroad.