Asbestos Cleanup At Gulfport High School

Workers spent this week removing floor tiles at Gulfport High School.

Those tiles contain asbestos. So, crews put up warning signs and tape around the main classroom building, where the work is going on.

Superintendent Carlos Hicks says the asbestos was used to make the tiles back in 1966. However, he says the asbestos does not pose a health risk, and the signs are just a precaution.

"The OSHA regulations require that the floor tile, if it is removed, you have to rope off the building and put up signs saying asbestos and hazardous, etc., but it really isn't," Hicks said. "But they're not taking any chances, and if you're removing floor tile you have to do it this way."

Workers are also replacing ceilings tiles in the building. The work should be finished before fall.