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Soldiers' Angel Looking For Others To Support Our Troops

HANCOCK COUNTY (WLOX) -- The Soldiers' Angels program is looking for a few good men and women to help support our troops in Iraq. Soldiers' Angels boost troop moral by simply writing letters and sending care packages. The goal of the organization is to let our Armed Forces know their many sacrifices have not been forgotten.

Jeanne Graeser has been involved with Soldiers' Angels for nearly five years. On her living room wall are pictures of many of the soldiers she's helped comfort.

"These soldiers appreciate the support, whether they know you or not. They've shed tears, they've shared happiness with me. We're just there as an angel to help them through a difficult time," Graeser said.

"Lots of time they say, "Granny, when I come home, I'm coming to see you." Rarely do they ever, but that's okay. We've done our job. We've got them through a difficult situation til they get home to their families."

Graeser is just one of 33,000 angels across the nation. It sounds like a lot, but in recent months the demand for angels has increased.

"When the head of the program requested that we adopt more than one soldier, that we're in a bind right now, I know that there's got to be a number of soldiers that are writing in right now for support. You would be amazed at what a letter can do for these guys, and it only costs a stamp," Graeser said.

Graeser is part of the angels' Wounded Team - she writes to soldiers who are recuperating after being injured in battle.

"I'm also part of the TLC Team. These guys don't receive any mail, they don't receive packages for whatever reason, and they submit themselves, or their friends submit them, and I send care packages and letters to them."

The group's motto is "May no U.S. soldier go un-loved."

"You can get down really quick there doing the things that they do. At that point and time you say, 'Hop on my wings for a while, bud. We'll carry you for a little while til you're ready to go back.'"

If you're interested in becoming a Soldiers' Angel, contact the organization's New Jersey headquarters at (615) 676-0239, or visit

By Al Showers

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