Biloxi Family Shocked To Learn They Won A New Home

BILOXI (WLOX) -- There was a flurry of activity at the home on the corner of Bonner Drive and Kuhn Street in Biloxi Monday afternoon. That's because volunteers were getting the house ready for its new, unsuspecting owners. The house was donated by Crockey Peterson, an out-of-state business owner.

"I came through here quite a few times with my bus, passing through going to Florida, then I came here gambling. And after the Hurricane, I decided I wanted to come here and help somebody. It's been about a two year and three month project, but anyway, we got her done," Peterson said.

Some local residents also helped out. Ethel Barnett was one of the local volunteers putting sweat equity into the home. Her family business, Bay Side Appliances, also donated appliances for the new house.

"It was just a pleasure to be a little part of it. We didn't do what he did, but if we can do something, it's worth it. I pay somebody to clean my house, and then I come here and clean this one," Barnett said.

When sunset fell, the volunteers traded their work clothes for dinner clothes, in anxious anticipation of the big moment. Tears flowed freely as Aaron, Lisa, and four-year-old Erin-Nicole LeMaire found out they finally have a permanent place to call home.

"There's no words to describe how generous these people are. They're a God send, a God send," Aaron said.

"The last two years we've been the most neediest family, I think, because we've moved so many times. I just lost my mother two weeks ago. Bless her heart, she was with my husband the whole time, wanting us to just find a secure place for our baby just to call home, and she just didn't get to see that. We're blessed. We're blessed," Lisa said.