Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Leader Looking Ahead

BILOXI (WLOX)-- "This has been so fabulous," said museum director Marjie Gowdy, as she talked about the museum's temporary home near Miramar Park in Biloxi.

The Glenn Swetman House and the Mad Potter of Biloxi have made a pleasant match.

The city-owned historic home provided some much needed space and a more-than-acceptable location for George Ohr's creations.

"This was a godsend from the City of Biloxi. It's a wonderful neighborhood. We have a lot of tours here. We have a lot of children come through here,'' said Gowdy.

Grant money used for advertising has helped direct visitors to the temporary site. The museum schedule of educational outreach and exhibits has recovered nicely since the storm.

"This year, we're ramping up our exhibitions a good bit. Such as this photography exhibit that's up," said the director.

The museum's future remains a work in progress. Construction of new buildings at the waterfront campus will begin very soon.

"We hope to begin construction in just the next couple of months on phase one, which will be at least two or three buildings. We don't know which ones yet. We're still in negotiations on all of that," says Gowdy.

The stainless steel pods not only symbolize the future of the Ohr-O'Keefe museum, they help lead curious tourists to the temporary site at the Swetman House.

That's how the McCoy's found George Ohr's artwork.

The Florida couple learned about the museum in a national travel magazine.

"I saw an article about the Gehry building and that's what really drew me to come to see your facility," said Barbara McCoy from St. Petersburg, "It's wonderful. And I can see a lot of creativity. And the photographs are terrific. And I didn't know anything about George Ohr, so I'm learning something new today."