Mississippi Sea Wolves Majority Owner Jean Gagnon Wants Local Group To Contact Him Immediately!

When will the Mississippi Sea Wolves saga end? Is the ECHL team on the verge of packing up their skates heading for Lexington, Kentucky or will they remain on the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

Apparently no one has the answer. A local group reportedly is interested in saving the Sea Wolves making sure the pro hockey team doesn't leave for Kentucky, but broke off negotiations with majority owner Jean Gagnon last week.

Jean Gagnon told WLOX Sports on Thursday that he has never been officially contacted by the local group of investors. He says there have been no negotiations or correspondence. Gagnon said, "I have never had any contact, have never received a phone call or spoken with anyone from the local group. I did interview a potential General Manager candidate for the Sea Wolves who has an affiliation with the local group, but no one has come forward to discuss a deal to purchase or invest in the Sea Wolves."

Gagnon added, "I want someone from the group headed by Sea Wolves minority owner Lenny Sawyer to contact me immediately. I want to sit down with them and find out their level of interest to see if we can work out a deal."

Gagnon believes local ownership is crucial for the Sea Wolves to succeed and survive on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He respects the efforts of Lenny Sawyer, but wants to meet eye-to-eye and negotiate a deal.

He said, "If the local group is serious, it's time now to take the next step."

The puck now rests with the local group. Will they respond to Gagnon's invitation to sit down and discuss a real deal or will the lack of communication continue?