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Shenanigans Rolls Through Gulfport

Skip Ledbetter is no stranger to the Shenanigan's Parade. In fact, he was the parade marshal in 2004. This year, instead of throwing beads, he was grabbing them, a sport he appeared to be pretty good at.

Ledbetter, who now lives in Columbus, was excited to be back in South Mississippi for the parade.

"I think the people that sponsor the parade, the quota club, does an outstanding job in the community, and that's what makes it so special to me," Ledbetter said.

Ledbetter was also armed with some traditional Irish gear.

"That's my shalalee; that's our Irish Walking Stick. Gotta have it. It's good for knocking off snakes, too," Ledbettr said.

The parade was a family affair for Billy Ezell. He says its becoming a tradition for him, his wife and young son.

"He (his son) enjoys it. He's enjoying getting the beads and everything. Does he have his dad's ability to snatch up beads? Yes, he does. He wants the toys," Ezell said.

Gulfport resident Don Dolder was also surrounded by family and friends. He says you couldn't have asked for better weather or a better parade.

"So far, it's great!"

This year's Grand Marshal, was Dr. Buddy Brice and his Colleen was Courtney Ulrich.

The Quota Club sponsors the parade each year. Its members are known for their service to those with speech and hearing problems, as well as their help with disadvantaged women and children.

By Toni Miles

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