New Democratic Leadership

Democrats across Mississippi are one step closer in shaping the future of the state's democratic party. Saturday morning more than a hundred people met at the Donal Snyder Center for the Democratic Party Convention.

"Unless we have people who can represent us well, we are ignored. Even by our own state," said Barbara Duncan, president of the Harrison County Federation of Democratic Women.

"Some people in our county are afraid to be democrats. They vote democrat, but they don't want you to know they are democrat because it's part of the peer group to be a republican," Duncan said.

That's why she joined dozens of her peers to elect new leadership for South Mississippi.

"This is law by the people, and we are getting together. We're organizing who will represent us, who will make decisions for us. We have a very important election coming up, and we want to make sure that we get the best in the right way," Duncan said.

People at the convention openly elected members to serve on their county's executive committee as well as the election of delegates to the congressional district convention and the state convention. Among those who will move on to represent South Mississippi is state representative Francis Fredericks.

"This is what we do. We want to have input into government," Fredericks said.

The district five representative says it's an exciting time for democrats across the nation, and she believes change starts on the Gulf Coast.

"America, not just Mississippi, not just the county convention but America, wants change and this represents change," Frdericks said.

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