Residents Give Input About Rebuilding Bay St. Louis

Work is well underway for a comprehensive plan that will provide the footprint for development and rebuilding in the city of Bay St. Louis. Residents gathered for a public input session was held for residents who live in Wards One and Four.

"The comprehensive plan's requirement is that we have to do zoning regulations, it's part of the process that we're going through," said Councilman Doug Seal. "We've had numerous public hearings. But it's just been general public hearings, now we're having specific ward hearings."

Residents gave a number of suggestions for the comprehensive plan, but casinos and high rises were of the most concern to people at the meetings.

"People still have a lot of questions about multiple casino sites in the area of Bay St. Louis. A lot of people in Ward One live in the water area, so they're concerned about other casino districts," Councilman Seal said. "City Council has not ever discussed having another casino district. We have one casino district in Bay Saint Louis today, and it works very well where it's at. So, that was a concern, multiple casinos in the city and destroying the character that we have."

Harry Chapman has lived in Bay St. Louis for the past 12 years.

"My interest was particularly in some good parts of the plan, particularly that which would limit the city to one casino district, and also parts of the plan that don't promote real high rise in the city of Bay St. Louis," Chapman said.

Chapman's comments, as well as the suggestions from other residents, were all recorded and will be considered when the city council adopts the final draft.