Enough! To Dirt And Heavy Equipment On Union Street

BAY ST. LOUIS (WLOX) -- Marsha Favre and her neighbors say they've put up with dust and the rumble of heavy construction equipment long enough.

"It's vibrating our houses. These houses are on the historic register. The dirt and dust from it, the vibration is what I'm really concerned about," Favre said. "These old houses here are up on pier foundations. We've just finished restoring them after hurricane Katrina."

Eutaw Construction , the company doing infrastructure work for the city has leased land from a property owner to stock-pile dirt for the gas, sewer and water replacement project.

Linda Seal, another Union Street resident, "I can hear stuff rattling in my house that I use to not hear. I'm really concerned about the effects it's having on my house settling more than anything."

Favre said, "It's just not good in a residential area. We think it should be in a place that's conducive for this maybe on Highway 90. You can't get a moments rest; it's just constant trucks back and fourth."

City councilman Bill Taylor agrees.

Bill Taylor, Councilman At Large, said, "I wouldn't want it in my neighborhood."

Eutaw Construction leaders say they are willing to address residents concerns. They say they are trying to help residents, not hurt them.

Public Works Director Ron Vanney said, "It's just really tough to pick any place that's going to satisfy everybody. It's just going to take the patience of everybody around to get these project done."

When asked why not cooperate for the betterment of the community, Favre said, "Well, that's why we haven't complained until now. This has been 3 to 6 months this has been going on, so we said 'well this is just things we have to go through.' But now, we understand it's going to be 2 to 3 years that they're going to be doing this."

Eutaw Construction says it's just a matter of time before Union Street is torn up for improvements.

"We expected to go through that (street construction), but we don't expect to go through that in addition to this," said Favre.

Bay St. Louis Mayor Eddie Favre told residents he would look into the matter to see if there is a solution to satisfy both the homeowners and the construction company.