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Pothole Problems Cover Moss Point Streets

MOSS POINT (WLOX)--Stacey Taylor says she hates driving her car on the streets of Moss Point.

"The potholes have been a major problem since I have been here. That is all they do is patch them up and keep going. By the time it gets hot in the summer time it is big sinkholes," Moss Point Resident Stacey Taylor said.

Taylor pointed out ten potholes on her neighborhood streets, and she says they're impossible to dodge so her car has taken a beating.

"Moss Point didn't use to look like this, we had alderman that care about the streets, and we had alderman that cared about the people, they don't care anymore."

Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop says city leaders do care about the streets, but right now the priority for the Public Works Department is to complete drainage and other maintenance projects already underway. He says the street repairs may take some time.

"Potholes are a serious problem, not just in Moss Point but all along the coast. We are doing everything we can to address those (potholes) in a timely manner," Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop said.

Bishop says a quick fix is not the answer. He says with some streets caving in, major repairs are needed, and the city has secured seven million dollars in grants and loans to do that.

Stacey Taylor just wishes that work get started soon.

Mayor Bishop is asking all Moss Point resident whose vehicles were damaged by potholes to please the Public Works Department at 475-1151.

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