Long Beach Police Station Dedicated To Slain Officers

(LONG BEACH) WLOX--A love for people, community and service, something loved ones of Sergeant Steve Morgan and Detective Jim Northcutt say they carried with them until the end.

"You can go out in the community and people in the businesses still talk about...how they were such a vital part of this community," says Chief Wayne McDowell.

On a picture-perfect day, a community gathered to honor and remember the two men for which the new Long Beach police station now stands.

"He would be so proud to be in a building like this.  He really would.  He just loved the city," says Phyllis Morgan, widow.

Like Morgan, Detective Northcutt's brother Richard says the detective had a sincere appreciation for the people he served.

"He just loved people.   He just enjoyed making people laugh.  He was my friend more than anything.  He was the best friend I ever had."

Sergeant Bryan Young was wounded along side officers Morgan and Northcutt the night of call.

"When we were shot that day, the community came together like you wouldn't even imagine."

Young says each day he serves, the two officers aren't far from his thoughts.

"I wish they were still here, not a day goes by that I don't think about them."

Now, with the station complete, the chief says the building will stand as a lasting monument to the legacy of the two officers beloved by their community.

"The dedication of this police department to Steve Morgan and Jim Northcutt is everything to us."

Chief McDowell says Sergeant Morgan had served for nearly 6 years while Detective Northcutt had served for about a year before they were killed in the line of duty.  Governor Hayley Barbour was also on hand to pay tribute to the officers in Wednesday's ceremony.

In addition to the new station, the Long Beach community also celebrated the ground-breaking of its new Senior Center and Recreation Building off Doughtery Road.