New Affordable Housing Apartments Coming To D'Iberville

D'IBERVILLE (WLOX) -- "It was a great neighborhood," says D'Iberville Mayor Rusty Quave. "We came out here on several numerous occasions for barbecues, and meetings with the people. They even took an active role in politics.

Quave and others watched Wednesday as the long ago abandoned last vestiges of what once was a model community for low income housing in D'Iberville finally begin coming down. But they came here not to bury Juan De Cuevas, but to break ground on its future.

"Juan De Cuevas has always been a part of our community," says Quave. "And I'm glad it's going to remain a part of our community."

Rising in its place will be the post-Katrina version of affordable housing known as The Estates at Juan De Cuevas Apartments in D'Iberville.

Roy Necaise with the Mississippi Regional Housing Authority said, "This is geared more toward the working families, the casino workers, your teachers, your young fire and police."

Necaise says he knows  people like those well.

"I was one of those people. I was a young fireman. It think I started out making about 15 or 16 thousand dollars a year."

Qualifying residents will be able to rent a one bedroom for somewhere around $400, all the way up to a three bedroom for up to $620 a month.

"That's what's going to build back the gulf coast is the workers," says Mayor Quave. "The everyday person that gets out there and works and pays their taxes."