Say "Yes" To Senate Bill 2793

Where would we be in Mississippi without our highways? In 1987 we had one of the worst highway systems in the nation.

Today we have one of the best in the South, helping us compete to bring jobs to our communities. These highways were built over the years with an affordable and efficient pay-as-you-go system.

Senate Bill 2793 would enable a similar pay-as-you-go approach for making sure we have affordable and reliable electric power service for the future. Without this bill this year, needed electric power plants won't be built. We will lose jobs and lose opportunities.

Affordability of our electric service will continue to be protected by the actions of our State Public Service Commission, elected officials who must give approval before any plant can be built and who can veto projects that are too costly or unnecessary.

Leading competitor states have passed or are considering similar bills and rules to help them build power plants and create jobs. We can't afford to be left behind.

Affordable, reliable and available power is vital for Mississippi's future. That's why MEC supports Senate Bill 2793. We urge our legislators to do so as well.

Guest Editorial by Blake Wilson with the Mississippi Economic Council

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