Teen With Muscular Dystrophy Sees Her Dream Come True

We arrived just as Leigh and her family pulled into the Broadwater Marina at mid afternoon, following their seven hour fishing journey in the Gulf. Leigh looked nice and calm, but just a few hours earlier, she was anything but calm.

Cathy Shropshire of the organization "Catch a Dream," went along on the trip. According to Cathy, "She was excited, it was just great, every time she would catch something she would start hollering."

For Leigh, this was a dream come true, she has muscular dystrophy, and the charter boat trip was organized by the Catch a Dream foundation, which takes seriously ill children on fishing and hunting trips. Today, they made this outgoing 15 year old, facing an uncertain future, mighty happy. Leigh told us, "It was magical, I could not have wished for anything better."

Leigh's entire family came along, but guess who caught the most fish. Leigh came away with the big haul, catching most of the dozen fish that were caught. But more than anything Leigh has always wanted to catch a shark, and mount its jaws in her room. Mission accomplished. You guessed it, Leigh caught her shark. It was not big, about three feet and ten pounds, but Leigh was bursting with pride and says she will mount it on her wall at home.

Leigh and her family also wanted to thank Captain Tom Becker and his crew for taking them out, absolutely free of charge. All in all, it was a terrific day.

By Jeff Lawson