Keep America Beautiful Volunteers Beautify Long Beach

LONG BEACH (WLOX) -- Long Beach was a little more lovely on Tuesday than it was on Monday. More than a thousand volunteers for Keep America Beautiful spruced up the city as part of the Great American Cleanup. People from near and far came together to clean up Long Beach.

Some of the people raking leaves and spreading mulch live on the Mississippi Coast, others don't. But all share a desire to make it a prettier place. Among those working are employees for Firestone, who say they often help out in each other's communities.

"It's amazing how everybody comes together," said Brian Bronis. "I know in our group, we've got people who come from North Mississippi, Fort Walton Beach. We do it every year."

People who live hundreds of miles away say they care about this city as if it were their own. Murphy Mullins came in with his nine-year-old son from Laurel.

"Just want to give something back to the neighborhood. I've got an aunt that used to live in Gulfport and got blown away and we've been coming down every year since they've been doing this."

"It helps the morale," said Barbara Hastings of Charlotte, NC. " We know that people who live in a nice environment tend to keep it that way. We like supporting that. Generally just getting people motivated to make their part of the world a little better."

"We work together all the time, but to see such unity," said Long Beach resident Mike Davis. "People that don't know each other just grab up, grab tools and get going. It's amazing what humanity can do for each other when they put their minds to it."

Volunteers for Keep America Beautiful also worked at the Long Beach Harbor, South Forest Park and Reeves Elementary School. This is the third straight year the program has come to the Mississippi coast.