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Mayor Brent Warr To Outline Plans And Progress

GULFFPORT (WLOX) -- "I opened in August of 1962 which is 45 years. That's a long time," said Joe Rouse, as he talked with visitors about his popular hamburger drive in.

The Rebel Dip is an Orange Grove landmark.

"And you had the extra large unsweet, right?" said one of two busy clerks, who quickly filled orders of burgers and fries over the noon hour.

Owner Joe Rouse has served plenty of ice cream cones over the past four and a half decades.

Business in Orange Grove is good and growing.

"If you visit up here, there's a waiting line in most of your restaurants on Highway 49. And Orange Grove, it was stated in the paper, saved downtown Gulfport as far as the taxes is concerned. All your business people are up on 49 and going strong," said Rouse.

New businesses and ever increasing traffic are evident to anyone who frequently travels this way.

"I don't know what's going on further down by the beach. But I can tell you Orange Grove has grown up a lot. I see they're building a lot of business. Everything is going great," said Gulfport resident Denise Corbett.

Closer to the waterfront, the Second Street neighborhood remains a work in progress, with newly built homes along with plenty of "for sale" signs. Concerns about housing can be heard citywide.

"We don't have enough housing around. We know it's not going to come up overnight. But we do need to see some progress," one woman told WLOX News.

We asked some voters outside the Good Deeds Community Center for their "state of the city" concerns.

"Since Katrina, a lot of things that were torn up need to be fixed. I think it's doing all right. It could do better than what it is. Could get better," said one African-American voter.

Another echoed his concerns about the clean up.

"The clean up process around is kind of slow. And I think they could move just a little faster with the clean up and the pick up and all the debris that's still floating around," he observed.

Mayor Brent Warr delivers his state of the city speech Tuesday evening at the high school auditorium. Wednesday he'll take his message on the road, with various stops throughout the city.

By Steve Phillips 

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