Saucier Family Of Four Escape Fire, Lose Possessions

SAUCIER (WLOX) -- "My husband said, 'Get up. The house is on fire,' so I got up and went to the room where the girls are, and I went to screaming for them to get up, and went through there to get them out of the bed. He was going through the front of the house, and I was going through the front, getting them out. Fire was already across the front ceiling and the front living room," Janet Holland said.

Holland, her husband, and their two grandchildren narrowly escaped with their lives as flames consumed their home on Diamond Road in Saucier. The fire brought back painful memories for Holland.

"I feel good about getting everyone out of the house because, five years, five months and fire days from last night, my sister and brother-in-law died in a house fire," Holland said.

The family survived Saturday night's fire with little more than the clothes on their backs.

"This is it," she said as she looked back at the tattered shell of the family home.

Life has been difficult for Earl and Janet Holland the past few years. Shortly after Katrina, Earl lost both his kidneys and is now waiting for a kidney transplant.

The Hollands are raising their two grandchildren Jenny,12, and Julia, 2.

For now, they're just glad to be alive, and are hoping their basic needs will soon be met by caring South Mississippians. They need clothing, household items and food. If you'd like to help, an account is being set up at Hancock Bank in the Holland Family's name.

The Hollands say they'd like to one day rebuild at the site where they lived for 18 years.