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Krystal Allan Reports On South Mississippi Soldiers Deploying

BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) -- They're America's defenders, serving to protect the safety of our country. And standing behind them, a brigade of loving supporters. For Captain Mike Vanhefty, it's Marcela Cespedes.

"Just can't wait to get home and see Marcela again, look forward to a wonderful wedding," Vanhefty said. 

The two will be married in May in Wisconsin.

"All the wedding plans are pretty much done we did them way in advance," Fiance' Marcela Cespedes said.

Whether starting a new life together or starting a new family legacy, everyone has a story. The Moses family is a first-time military family. While their son Justin is deployed, David and Kelly Moses will care for his 4-year-old daughter, Kayla.

"This is something new for us, and I know he's so proud of the job their doing over there," said Kelly Moses. "He's told us how successful they are, and how they're saving a lot of lives over there."

The Brigadier General for the 815th says the squadron will help save many lives by reducing the amount of convoys traveling by ground in dangerous combat zones.

Their state-of-the art C-130-J-30 planes have more power and cargo room to hold more supplies, people and help carry-out safer medical evacuations.

Brigadier Moss said, "When they get over there, they should take care of each other and work as a team to be safe and to come home safe, because that's the most important thing."

After a 5:30 a.m check-in call, about three hours later, it was time for families and loved ones, to say their goodbyes.  The airmen then boarded the planes.  Some of them on the "Spirit of Biloxi," an aircraft dedicated to the city in 2006.

The propellors started up, a salute from fellow servicemen and women and off they flew to protect and defend the lives of all Americans.

By Krystal Allan

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