Coast Tourism Gets A Holiday Boost

Kelsey and Madison spent their Memorial Day holiday at a homemade Howard Avenue lemonade stand. The four and five year old Biloxi girls served a refreshing $ .50 holiday treat to thirsty neighbors.

Tina Thompson helped the girls set up their stand. "We're going swimming later," Thompson said. "But we just had this little idea."

Denise Carney had a more ambitious idea. She signed up for a Memorial Day parasailing trip over the Mississippi Sound. Carney thought soaring through the air would be the perfect end her four day Biloxi adventure. "We just wanted to do something fun to try," said Carney.

As Carney's parasail headed toward the heavens, a New Orleans group gathered on the beach. It fired up a grill, barbecued some heavenly smelling burgers, and socialized.

Cheryl Carpenter was with the group. She said the New Orleanians came over to "just relax and basically just have fun."

According to beach vendors, cool weather early this month kept visitors away from several of the coast's water attractions. But nobody complained about the weather over the Memorial Day holiday.

Just ask Robert Whitmyer. He owns the parasailing company. "This was a great weekend," Whitmyer said. "A lot of people down here from a lot of different places. And the weather was perfect."

The perfect weather made it easy for a Memphis couple do more than just hang out at the All Harley Memorial Day Blowout. "This year we decided to hit the beach," Bobby Sides said. Sides got sunburn while he was at the beach. But he didn't care. "We had a good time," he said. "I love this place. I really do."

And so it seemed did everybody who spent Memorial Day on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.