Fire Dogs Stunned By Last Minute Touchdown

Interest in South Mississippi's professional sports teams has nearly hit rock bottom. For proof, you needed to be at Sunday night's Fire Dogs game. Late in the first quarter, there were 433 people in the stands.

At least the diehard Fire Dog fans had something to bark about. On the opening kickoff, James Matthews ran 45 yards for a Mississippi touchdown.

The Fire Dogs extended that lead to 14-0 on a 15 yard run by Dexter Thomas. It became 27-8 when Thomas ran in from nine yards out.

Austin's defense forced a fumble. The touchdown return made it 33-22 Fire Dogs at the half.

Mississippi led 56-50 with under a minute to go. But Austin scored a touchdown and shocked the Fire Dogs 57-56.

The Fire Dogs are now two and six this season.