Bikers In Hog Heaven At Blowout

At the Gulfport Dragway, it's the louder and faster, the better.

The time trials feature all types of bikes, and they draw the largest crowds.

"Guys come out on their Harley's, they compete against each other and race on the track," Lenny Hafford said. "See who's the best and may the best man win and nobody get hurt."

"Just a lot of fast bikes, a lot of bikes with blown motors," Rick Williams said. "It's fun. It's nice."

Burning out helps the rider get better traction when they take off down the strip. And it seems to be a crowd favorite.

"The loud noise, the smoking tires, smoke, it's fun," Williams said.

There were also hundreds of bikes that sat quietly stil so bike-lovers could get an up-close look.

"All the bikes, especially the one's that have the custom paint jobs and all that kind of stuff," Anissa Williams said. "It's neat. It's fun to look at."

"It's fun to come out and see the races, watch the bikes--how fast they can go and see all the bikes they have and you meet all kinds of people from all states," Linda Bailey said.

The Blowout is organized each year by the Asgard Motorcycle Club, and raises money for several charities. People who attended say bikers have a bad reputation, but it's not deserved at this event.

"Everybody kind of takes care of each other and you don't see a lot of the bad stuff that everybody rags on," Linda Fields said. "It's pretty decent. It's the thing to do."

Harrison County Sheriff George Payne warned bikers that his deputies would be strictly enforcing laws about public nudity and drug use. Payne said Saturday that there have been no problems at the Blowout. The event continues through Monday.