Moore Communty House in Biloxi Celebrates 78 Years

For more than three quarters of a century, Moore Community House in Biloxi has been offering child care services to low-income families. The staff has gone about serving the needs of the community without much hoopla until now. Last Saturday they decided to celebrate the center's history and the graduation of their 2002 pre-school graduates. They invited parents, alumni, and city leaders to join them.

Janice Spencer was one of many guests cheering on this graduating class.She says her son and grandson were prepared for grammar school because of the education they got at Moore Community House.

"When people see you are doing things from your heart and seeing that the children are benefiting from it then they get involved," said Spencer.

The center started in 1924 with only one building. It's grown to seven buildings over the years but officials believe in keeping classroom sizes small. There's one staff member for every three children. Officials call Moore Community House a place where families who don't have a lot of money but want to get ahead by working or going to school can take their children.

"How can families work effectively if they're children aren't being taken care of while their doing those 8, 10, 14 hours of work so we've always felt that was part of supporting economic self-sufficiency?" asked executive director Mary Winslow.

The Moore Community House isn't just celebrating it's 78-year history. Officials say they are also looking at new ways to meet the needs of the community's children.

"We're in the visioning process today gonna be coming here today what do they think is a need in East Biloxi," said Winslow. "What do they think Moore Community House can do about that need, and how can we work better with you?"

Affordable child care isn't the only aim of Moore Community House. The center acts as a child advocacy group and also helps homeless families get back on their feet