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Friends & Former Coaches Praise Favorite Son Brett Favre

KILN (WLOX) -- Brett Favre's bronze statue towers over the high school football field. He is revered and respected at Hancock High.

"He's been here several times and it's been great for the kids to get to know him. And look up to him. He's a great role model for them," said Hancock High Athletic Director Shawn Keener.

Favre has his own section of trophy case at Hancock High. He's been loved here at home long before his name was uttered on ESPN.

"You know, a man of integrity. And what he's done for the sport of football is just incredible. And being from Hancock County and that he played here at Hancock has really set us apart as far as being recognized," said Keener.

"He could throw it from the day he walked on the field. He could throw the football," recalled Tim Favre, who helped coach Brett during his high school playing days.

"Brett was always talking football. He always wanted to know the game. He was smart," said the coach, who is no relation to the famous quarterback, despite sharing a last name.

"We didn't throw it very often. But when we did, you could tell he had a strong arm and would let it go," said Tim Favre.

Chuck Genin coached Brett on the 9th grade basketball team. Yes, the quarterback played a year of high school basketball. His coach recalls one rocket pass Favre let fly on the basketball court.

"So we took a time out. And I asked the kid that was supposed to catch the ball, I said, 'Why didn't you get that ball?' He said, 'Are you kidding, that ball would have taken my fingers off.' So, he had a good arm, even in basketball," said Genin, chuckling as he recalled the story.

Brett Favre played his high school football at Hancock North Central. And everyone we talked with said despite his NFL stardom and worldwide fame, Brett Favre has never forgotten his roots.

"He's a good person. Was raised to be a good person. And his family is very proud of him. And we all are very proud of him," said Tim Favre.

Brett Favre wore number "10" for the Hancock County Hawks. His number was retired by the high school in 1993.

By Steve Phillips

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