Officers Beef Up Holiday Traffic Enforcement

We traveled Highway 90, Pass Road and I-10 Friday and found traffic moving slow and in some spots, bumper to bumper.

With so many events going on this weekend that are putting extra cars on the road, officers say they're look for the usual traffic violations, like speeding, following too close and drunk drivers.

It wasn't even 11 a.m. and Biloxi officers say traffic was already clogging busy Highway 90.

"We've already had several accidents this morning with out of town people touring the area," Biloxi Officer Mike Manna said.

Police say a lot of out-of-town visitors will spend their long weekend here, and not all of them will drive safely.

"Anybody who decides they're going to drink this weekend, I highly suggest they use a designated driver and make sure they keep track of their moderation as they're drinkin.' DUI enforcement, especially here in the City of Biloxi will be quite extensive," Manna said.

"The drugged and drunk drivers are the main people that causes the fatality accidents, the dismemberment and death," State Trooper David Kenny said.

That's what troopers will try to stop at roadblocks that will be set up in random spots throughout the weekend.

"This is the first weekend after the winter break and historically it's been pretty bloody. Two years ago we reduced fatalities on Memorial Day weekend, last year we had an increase and this year we plan to reduce them again," Kenny says.

Just as they did last year, officers will also look for seatbelt violators in the "ticket and click it" campaign.

"Anybody who's not buckled up in the front seat of a vehicle, including child restraints, will be issued a citation," Manna said.

Officers will also ask drivers for proof of insurance. Not having it will get you a ticket. The beefed enforcement runs through midnight Monday.