Ron Paul Campaigner Says Signs Are Being Knocked Down And Stolen

"See I had this one up here," says Stan Fountain pointing at one of many large campaign signs in his yard. "Ron Paul for President."

He has a favorite candidate, but signs of trouble have now return for the second time at the Ocean Springs campaign headquarters called Ron Paul's Freedom Hall.

"We don't want to say anybody has done anything but this is the second time you know."

He hasn't reported the vandalism to the police.

"I just put them back up."

But he says the 2 large homemade signs he's had knocked over, aren't the only sign of yard campaign sign shenanigans in South Mississippi.

"Now the ones down here are gone, and the ones I put down there are gone. And I'm out of signs now."

He'd like to think all the signs that have gone missing found new homes, with other Ron Paul supporters.

"It could be people just taking them and taking them home," Fountain said.

He just hopes who ever is taking them and knocking them over will also take home the Ron Paul message.

"Whenever he gets out of a van instead of a limo, that impresses me," says Fountain of his candidate. "That's the way he wants to run the county. Slim it down. Lets take care of American people first."

Even his most ardent supporters know at this point in the campaign, the message is what they are fighting for.

"This is a movement nationwide. This is the constitution."

So signs or no signs, Stan Fountain says he's staying in as long as his candidate does.

"I know he's not going to win, but I'm not going to quit."