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Meet North Gulfport's Green Man

If you've ever driven down MLK in North Gulfport you can't miss the house of Grover Chapman.

There are no flowers or shrubs in the front yard; only sweet potatoes, tomatoes and collard greens.

"I work seven days a week on this corner. I'm here," says Chapman.

Chapman is the owner and operator of the vegetable stand, a name many people probably have never heard. That's because people in the North Gulfport community know him as 'The Green Man.'

The Greenman says his business is not lucrative. However, his love for the community and his customer service keeps people from all over South Mississippi coming back for more greens.

"They don't have to get out the car. I will walk over and serve them out there. Rain, shine, I will get out there and serve them," Chapman says.

Chapman has been running the vegetable stand for almost 12 years. He says he doesn't need any type of fancy advertising. What keeps his business open is good old fashioned word of mouth.

"It's just his mannerisms, his whole attitude," says Bertha Halsell.

Halsell serves dinner at the vegetable stand, a place she considers the center of the North Gulfport community.

"It adds a sense of togetherness for people who don't even know each other but everybody knows The Green Man," Halsell said.

We should also mention that Mr. Chapman's vegetable stand was one of the first businesses to open after Hurricane Katrina. 

He says the day after the storm he was there serving dinner at no cost to hundreds of South Mississippi families.

By Elise Roberts

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