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Dillard's Prepares To Open In Biloxi

Store Manager Julie Fox is proud to show off her sparkling new Biloxi store. She admits she's eager to greet customers.

"I think when they come in they're going to be shocked to see how exciting, how innovative and how beautiful this store is. I think they're expecting big, but I don't think they're expecting this big."

She knows people in South Mississippi have been waiting two and half years to walk through these doors again.

"I know the community is excited. We've heard so much feed back from the community, the mall. I just know it's a great thing for us to come back."

Her staff was busy putting the final touches on the displays, unpacking and placing the last of the merchandise before shoppers arrive. Many employees worked at the beach front store before Katrina.

Carlos Guerra is one who's happy to be back. He's been working at the Dillard's in Mobile since the storm, and says he saw a lot of Mississippi customers while he was there.

"It seemed like it was everyday that somebody would bring up once, they knew I was from the store here, they'd say, 'oh when is it going to open? When's the date?' "

There was much anticipation about the return of the popular department store, but Guerra says he always knew it would come back to Biloxi.

"When I heard the construction was starting, that's it. We knew we were on. There was a lot of rumors and things, but that was all false. Obviously, we that worked here knew we were coming back; it was just a matter of time."

Now, there's only a little precious time left for these employees to prepare for the big opening, but Fox is confident they'll be ready.

"A little bit of shine here and there. We just want it to be perfect for the community when they come in tomorrow."

The store has a soft opening Saturday at 10am. The grand opening is Wednesday with special events scheduled through March 9th.

by Meggan Gray

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