Local Group Suspends Negotiations With Sea Wolves Majority Owner Jean Gagnon

Attorney Virgil Gillespie, representing Mississippi Sea Wolves minority owner Lenny Sawyer, said the local group of businessmen have suspended negotiations with Sea Wolves majority owner Jean Gagnon. The local group wanted to see if it would be feasible to purchase the Sea Wolves. They want the local ECHL team to remain on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Gillespie said his clients have been unable to obtain accurate and reliable information about the ECHL team and about the Sea Wolves finances.

He's been authorized to announce that the local group will continue to work to have hockey on the coast, efforts that must be redirected.

That could involve talking with other ECHL teams who might consider relocating to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Last week Lenny Sawyer told WLOX Sports that he had been contacted by at least four ECHL teams who expressed interest in possibly moving to the Mississippi Coast if the Sea Wolves move to Lexington, Kentucky.

Gagnon had suspended negotiations with a group of investors from Kentucky who are tying to buy the Sea Wolves. With the suspension of talks by the local group from the Coast, Gagnon apparently will continue negotiations with the Kentucky investors.