Pascagoula Repairs Roads, Potholes For Safer Streets

There's a smoother ride ahead for Pascagoula, because nightmare potholes and rough roads will soon be a distant memory for drivers like Alicia Fletcher.

"I worry about the one pothole that was up there. I have to swerve into the turning lane to get around it, and that's just really hazardous," Fletcher said.

Public Works Director Brian Nelson says crews aren't just patching up the problem. Workers are smoothing out surfaces to like-new conditions in this $30,000 pothole project.

"With all the rain we've had lately, we've had a lot of potholes surface. It's chewing up our streets," Nelson said.

Crews have filled more than 200 potholes on Pascagoula streets in the past three weeks, and they're spending more time at every rut to make sure the repairs really stick.

"If you notice a car riding over it now, it may not be perfect, but it's a whole lot better than it was. That's what we're going for, that repair should last us at least a couple years," Nelson said.

Once the potholes are fixed, crews will begin an $820,000 job, giving 34 city streets a much-needed makeover.

"We don't want you to notice roads and bridges, they're usually not noticed unless there's a problem," Nelson said.

And Fletcher says it's no problem passing the crews on her way to work. She'd rather dodge construction cones than potholes everyday.

"I think it's wonderful, I'm going to be really glad whenever we have a nice solid street to drive on," Fletcher said.

Pascagoula and Jackson County crews also completed work on the Hospital Road Bridge this week. The Ingalls Avenue renovation project is set to begin later this year.