Eaves Filing Suit Against FEMA Trailer Manufacturers

It's almost as if John Eaves were back on the campaign trial. Only this time he's asking FEMA trailers residents like Dan Mills if they have health problems

"Blurred vision. Slight headaches. Just waking up in the middle of the night coughing up some type of phlegm. But when I'm outside in the daytime, I really don't cough up anything,"Mills said.

Eaves says while running for Governor, he gave his word to help FEMA trailer residents. Although he lost the election, he says he hasn't forgotten that promise.

"What we want to do is we want to hold the trailer manufacturers and FEMA accountable. They knew about the problems of formaldehyde following Katrina, and so we can help the people of Mississippi here on our Gulf Coast who've suffered through so much. Help them with health costs, medical bills that they've suffered," Eaves said.

Not only does Eaves want FEMA to pay medical bills, he also wants the government to set aside money for treatment of any future illnesses that may result from formaldehyde exposure.

"When you hold the government accountable, you have to go through a lot of extra hoops and you have to file an administrative claim first before you can file a lawsuit. We're going to be filing that claim and hoping that FEMA does the right thing and give the people some help here that have suffered so much," Eaves said.

"I think it's good for the people that's living in them. Like, they should have known what they were putting in the trailers as they were manufacturing them. If they're going to put people's life in jeopardy, they were wrong," Mills said.

John Eaves will make a formal request with FEMA to pay medical expenses for 50 trailer residents he's representing. Next month, he plans to file suit against trailer manufactures in state court.