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Florida Woman Leaves A Coast Casino A Millionaire

Patricia Livingston has more than five million magical reasons to remember her latest trip to Biloxi. The Pace, Fla., woman hit the jackpot Wednesday at a Wheel of Fortune quarter slot machine.

Here's what happened. Mrs. Livingston had already checked out of Casino Magic Biloxi's hotel. Before she headed home, she went back into the casino and put $20 into a machine. When three Wheel of Fortune symbols appeared, the 69-year-old woman became an instant multi-millionaire.

Initially, she had no idea she won. Once she realized the five million dollar progressive jackpot was hers, shock set in.

One of the first things the mother of three did was call one of her daughters.

"I told her I always have to write down how much I spend for groceries, how much goes for this and that," Mrs. Livingston said. "I have to keep a budget all the time. I don't have to do that anymore. No more budgets."

Officially, Patricia Livingston won $5,305,861.82. It will be paid out over the next 20 years.

How will she spend her new found fortune?

"To tell you the truth, there's nothing I want," she said. "I've got everything I want, except money. And now, I've got money."

This was actually the second time in two months Mrs. Livingston came to Biloxi and won a slot machine jackpot. Last month, a machine paid her $2,500.

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