Waveland Library To Close Temporarily

After going a year and a half with no library in Waveland, a temporary trailer opened to a record number of customers last year.

"Seven hundred people a month or so come through here. Our circulation has been above 2,000 items a month," said David Woodburn, Director of Hancock County Libraries.

The hope is those patrons will use surrounding libraries in Hancock County while the Coleman Avenue facility is closed for one month.

"The city of Waveland is making a lot of progress with its water and sewer system, and we're right on the edge of one of the major excavations," Woodburn said.

A new sewer lift station will go in on the corner of Central and Coleman Avenues. That's right next to where the library's trailer now sits, so it will have to be moved.

"We'll pack the books up. The company that owns the trailer will come and take the shelving down, put it in storage for a couple of weeks, break the trailer in half, tow it down to the new site and put it back together again. And then we can put the books back on the shelves and hopefully within a month, we'll reopen," Woodburn said.

The Director of Hancock County Libraries warns patrons can expect some minor inconveniences during the process.

"We'll have probably the materials they need at the headquarters library, or we can get them from the other libraries. They can call the headquarters and renew books, even if they've checked them out here. The book return will stay here as long as possible. So the trailer may disappear, but the book return will be here as long as we can do that."

Work crews are busy preparing the grounds of the destroyed library for the trailer. The library trailer will re-open in about a month and be used until the new library is finished in 18-24 months.