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Ocean Springs Food Pantry's Shelves Almost Bare

An Ocean Springs soup kitchen says it is so desperate for donations for its pantry that it is having to scale back in other areas to keep up with the need. The manager of The Lord Is My Help says already this year, hundreds of families have come in needing help putting food on the table. 

"At Christmas time, my shelves were overflowing," said The Lord Is My Help Manager Barbara Ruddiman.

In just two months, the shelves at the food pantry have gone from overflowing, to almost bare. The staff says so far this year, they've helped feed 300 local families.

"You can see that it has really depleted my canned goods for my pantry," said Ruddiman. "These are the smaller cans that we give out for people that need emergency groceries. We're in desperate need."

Ruddiman says the shelves are usually stocked with mostly donated food. That's not the case now. With donations down, The Lord Is My Help is keeping the pantry going by dipping into the funds of other programs."

"The food that we purchase is for our Meals On Wheels," said Ruddiman. "We deliver 150 meals a day, Monday through Friday. We also serve about 50 people in house, Monday through Friday. We're having to take funds away from that area and put them into our pantry, so that we can purchase the food, so that we can continue operating the pantry."

The Lord Is My Help is hoping generous people in community will restock the pantry and take the some of the strain off the budget.

"Mainly I need can proteins," said Ruddiman. "Any type of meat, tuna, anything in can like that. Rice. You can give it to us in bulk. We'll break it down so it can go to a lot of families. But anything in a can that has a good shelf life, please we really do need it right now so we can continue our mission to help people."

The Lord Is My Help is also in need of a steam table for its soup kitchen to keep the food warm while it is being served.

If you would like to help, please call 228-872-2331.

by Danielle Thomas

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