Local Business Weighs In On Food Tax Increase

Megan Milner has worked at the Tuscany Cafe for two years. She does everything from run the cash register to cook. She knows the business and the people who frequent it quite well.

"They're real friendly and nice. You just talk to them and have conversations and everything. They like to tell you their life history and everything," Milner said.

One thing Megan says that hasn't come up in conversation at the cafe is the two percent tax increase that went into effect at the beginning of this month.

A number of restaurant owners in Ocean Springs spoke out against the tax before voters cast their ballots on it. But Megan doesn't believe the tax increase has effected the Tuscany Cafe's business.

"Business has really been the same. We still have our regulars that come in and other people, and they don't complain about it. So it's good," Milner said.

Megan believes the good food and good service at the cafe keep the customers coming in a steady flow despite the slight tax increase.

Although the city government will get a small piece of the business's bottom line to help generate funds for public safety and recreation improvements, workers say the tax increase hasn't kept customers away so far.