South Mississippians Are Warned Of Phone Scam

Eight of Keesler's 13 branches were open on Saturday as employees fielded phone calls from worried customers.

"Keesler Federal Credit Union members and nonmembers alike began receiving text messages on their cellular phones through several cellular services, indicating that their bill service had been, was expiring, and to contact a particular number that was displayed on their cell phone," said Tammy Brister, Vice President of Branch Operations at Keesler Federal Credit Union.

When someone dialed that number, the person on the other end asked for information from their ATM, debit and credit cards.

"If you responded to that number and gave that information, you have fallen victim to the scam, phishing through cell phone, cellular services," Brister said.

Meanwhile, the bank and cellular phone services are teaming up to stop the problem.

"Of course, when we began getting the phone calls this morning, we contacted the cellular service providers, and they are attempting to stop the text message from going out. We've also posted a notice on our website," Brister said.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, if you believe you have had any stolen information that includes your financial accounts, you should:

  • close the compromised accounts immediately
  • consult with your financial institution about whether to close bank or brokerage accounts immediately
  • change your passwords

"What I would say to the consumer is, unless you initiate the call to your financial institution, don't respond," Brister said.

If you think you've been a victim, call your financial institution, or check your bank's website, which will have tips to keep your personal information and bank records safe.