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Students Relive The Past

Teachers and students turned bay the hands of time more than 80 years. The playground at North Bay Elementary became a virtual city of the past.

"This is the culmination of a year-long study," music instructor Jean Foster said. "We have been studying our place our heritage, so today we celebrate Bay St. Louis in the 1920. We spent a year studying our culture, studying our roots, studying everything we could find out about Bay St. Louis."

The lessons gave students a chance to experience the past up close. Students saw everything from the days of silent movies to life and the old rules governing the beach front.

"When the ladies and men went swimming, the men had big shirts on and a rope tied around their waste to keep it on, and ladies had swim suits up to their wrists and their leg part going up to their knee," first grader Aubrey Pohl said.

"I learned how the kids in the 1920's lived and what they did and the games they played," third grader Amira Elhamaki said.

School leaders say the whole school initiative gives students a chance to not only learn about their hometown history but experience it first-hand.

By Al Showers

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