Residents Protest A New Pass Road Development Next Door

Architect Mike Lebatard, who represents owner W.C. Fore, says Bay Village, a mixed use subdivision takes a page right out of Biloxi's Reviving the Renaissance plan for rebuilding.

"This is a reality that we can latch onto," Lebatard tells the Biloxi Planning Commission. "This project is funded. This project is ready to go. This project will not be piecemeal."

Formally part of the Edgewater Bay Golf Course, Lebatard envisions the 27 and a half acre property becoming a unique subdivision, mixing commercial and residential structures.

"I think that this would be a development we could all be proud of in the city of Biloxi," says Lebatard.

But many residents of Edgewater Estates, located next door, feel differently about the 50 foot tall retail and condo apartment structures, with a mix of town homes and single family units.

"This proposal to me seems overwhelming to the city of Biloxi," says one Edgewater resident.

Many have a long list of reasons why Bay Village is a bad fit.

"I my case, I'm going to have seven houses right behind me," says one.

"A 600 square foot apartment is smaller than my two car garage," says another.

"I doesn't belong on that very narrow strip of property," testifies still another.

In the end, the Biloxi Planning Commission rejected the rezoning and numerous variance requests needed for the project to move forward.

"We're happy that our property values are being protected today," says Edgewater Homeowners Association President Leo Burton.

While disappointed, Lebatard says the fight isn't over.

"We'll plead our case with the City Council and see if the city council is interested in having such a quality project come to their city," says Lebatard.