Price At The Pump Pinching People's Pocketbooks

Leila Ness says these days $45 will barely buy half a tank of gas for her truck.

"It's highway robbery, nothing but. We cut back on everything. You cut back on groceries. You cut back on where you go and the time you spend in the highways."

The price of regular unleaded gas at the Chevron off Pass Road in Biloxi was $2.99 five days ago, $3.07 Tuesday and Wednesday it's $3.19. It's a a trend people are likely to find in gas stations across the nation.

"It's affected everyone... rich, poor and middle class," says Ness.

Brian Selvage only puts $10 in his SUV with each stop, and says he's always looking for ways to save money at the pump.

"If you have a Wal-Mart gift card or a credit card, it takes three cents off the normal price of gas."

While it's not a gift card, experts say credit cards with gas rebate rewards could save someone as much as 10 percent with each stop. You put $50 dollars worth of gas in your vehicle and you get $5 back. But, gas rebate cards also tend to carry higher interest rates, so it's best to pay off the balance each month.

Even though it cost about $100 for Ness to fill up her truck, she's says she has no plans to get rid of her truck or the one she has at home.

"I love my trucks.  I rather quit eating almost."

However South Mississippians decide to cut back, they'll probably find themselves doing it more often as gas prices keep climbing.

Additional Information:

We've checked websites tracking gas nationwide and found in Harrison County, gas tends to be cheaper in Gulfport than Biloxi. To find the lowest gas in the nation, you'd have to take a trip to Georgetown, South Carolina where it is $2. 64.  Click here to check out gas prices nationwide or click here to report local gas prices you've seen around town.