Pascagoula Cleans Up Dump Site

Pascagoula crews spent most of Monday picking up an illegal dump on the east side of town.

This is the third dump the city has cleaned up this year, as part of a federal grant to fight illegal dumping. Unlike the first two clean-ups, city officials could find the people responsible for the Lousie street dump.

Pascagoula's waste coordinator David Groves has been watching this site for weeks, and say someone might have dumped more trash here over the weekend.

"Some of these folks might be in for rude awaking. We have found some evidence. We enjoy it when we actually find somebody who is responsible and this is one of those situations," Groves said.

The dump is a mixture of commercial and household trash, most of which crews say could have been picked up by regular garbage service, instead of dumped illegally.

The city will begin cleaning up another dump within the next few weeks.