AG Opinion: Former Long Beach Alderman Served Illegally

Long Beach Alderman Richard Notter is accusing former alderman Richard Bennett of violating state law. He says Bennett should not have served as both Long Beach Alderman and his position with the Harrison County Development Commission.

"I requested an attorney general's opinion to find out the legality of serving in both those positions and found out that was violative. If you served as a commissioner after being sworn in as an alderman, you would automatically vacate your position as an alderman," Notter said.

That's why Notter thinks Bennett should be held responsible for breaking the law. However,  many board members believe is a personal vendetta Notter has against Bennett.

However, Notter insists he wants board members to hold Bennett accountable.

After Tuesday night's somewhat heated discussion, the board did not vote on Notter's motion to discipline Bennett. The mayor plans to discuss the matter Wednesday with the city's attorney.

Richard Bennett now serves in the state's legislature. He was not at Tuesday night's meeting.