Family Says Mold In Their FEMA Trailer Is Making Them Sick

Terrence and Erika Orgeron have lived in a FEMA trailer just off Lower Bay Road for more than a year. They say when they first got it, it was a lifesaver. Now they say it's threatening their lives.

"They want us to wind up in the hospital in crippled condition," Terrence Orgeron said. "Because mold can kill you eventually, but it gets you sick first."

The Orgerons say it all started in December with a leak in a water line connected to the shower. They say FEMA's trailer maintenance did come out and fix the leak, but failed to take care of the mold that had started to grow on the wall as a result of the leak.

"They took pictures they measured the wall behind us they said they'd be out to fix it the whole entire sheet and they never have," Erika Orgeron said.

After more than two months of living with mold, the couple says its impacting their health.

"My chest feels like it's caving in, I get really dizzy, I can't get my head out of the bed, off the pillows. Half of the time I'm really weak and disoriented and my daughter feels the same way," Terrence Orgeron said.

"She's sneezing ,coughing, throwing up, and he's been doing the same thing," Erika Orgeron said.

The Orgerons say they have called the maintenance department every day since Christmas, but are still not satisfied. They say they can no longer lie with the mold, but have few options to escape it. They're already on the list for a MEMA cottage.

"Right now, this is the only place we have to live," Erika Orgeron said.

FEMA Public Relations Spokesman Jim Foster told WLOX News, FEMA is looking into the matter and will do what ever it takes to assist the family. We'll keep you updated.